A course adjusted to customer requirements and capabilities - this is the definition of effective training according to Numlabs. Sharing our experience in machine learning projects we make sure to deliver the knowledge needed by a specific audience. Check out how a training prepared by us, especially for your company can look like.

For whom is our offer?

Data Science is the future of every business, and new technologies related to this field are already being used in companies of all sizes. However, large, medium, and small entities differ in their ability to implement such solutions. Knowing this, we customize training meeting individual needs. Your company is going to hire experts for its new IT team? Form it on the basis of its own employees? Or maybe it wants to increase competence and organize knowledge of specialists in the already functioning department? We are able to adapt our offer to each of these goals. Our courses are addressed to developers as well as managers, CTOs, and business owners.

Numlabs training - help in understanding ML project

What makes us unique?

High market demand for specialists in data science industry, led us to a new challenge, which are training courses. Numlabs is primarily a software house creating practical tools using artificial intelligence. What distinguishes us from most training companies is our approach to the task. We do not teach dry theory, but share our experience gained every day. Thanks to this, apart from practical skills, participants of our courses gain knowledge about what an ML project looks like, how to build a team working on it, how to understand the progress of work and what to be prepared for. The client's expectations are the most important for us, so we treat each training as a separate project.

How do we work?

Our model is based on 2-3 days of intensive training, during which an individual course plan, agreed upon with the client, is implemented. We create it together looking for the answer to the question about training goals. Classes can be held remotely or stationary, and after each stage we provide feedback to participants. At the end of the course the participants receive tasks and tests to consolidate and check the acquired knowledge.

Numlabs training - help in understanding ML project

Take advantage of our offer

We believe that each of our trainings can be the beginning of a longer relationship, where we can help you develop your department, or implement a specific data science project. Contact us for details on our courses and other Numlabs offerings.