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Training and Consulting


Train your team on Machine Learning solution.
Consult and plan your AI projects.

AI training and competence building for companies


Our offer is addressed to companies wishing to build competences related to artificial intelligence and data analysis. We have experience in building an analytical department from scratch. We provide programmers with practical knowledge in the field of data modeling, we share our experience in conducting projects implementing AI technologies in industrial, advertising or medical sectors.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science consulting


We consult projects and their implementation, from the earliest stages of their planning through the entire development cycle. We help to identify low hanging fruit - the areas where the use of AI will give a real benefit with the least investment. We advise on how to collect and store data in order to be useful in the future. Being technology agnostic, we advise on the choice of tech stack for an optimal solution to a business problem.

Body leasing of Technical Leaders


We support the existing teams of analysts and programmers with knowledge and experience in the field of computer vision, natural language processing and data science. With an experience in leading research and development projects, Technical Leader can significantly speed up the project execution and be a guarantee of quality. We also help building analytical departments from scratch, particularly focused on marketing, and introducing data-driven thinking to the organization.

Writing applications for grants and subsidies


We took part in the creation of more than 10 applications for the "Szybka ścieżka" ("Fast track") program within NCBiR ("Narodowe centrum badań i rozwoju"). Our services are focused on identifying, assessing the feasibility and weave in the application issues that require the use of artificial intelligence methods, analytics or computer vision. Not only do we formulate research problems, tasks, milestones and develop the costs of these projects, but we also help to prepare for the defense of the project on a panel of experts. Our portfolio includes, among others: an expert system assessing the degree of wear and tear of casting moulds, modelling and analysis of cause and effect relationships in the process of production of glass products, a coffee vision control station or a system of visual classification of a customer into a sales group.