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Production Industry


Monitor your production line with anomaly detection.
Optimize costs with predictive maintenance.



Standard Industry 4.0 is inextricably linked to automation, predictive maintenance and high awareness of what is happening in the plant. This requires the use of an enormous number and variety of sensors, actuators, controls and drives.

With technologies combining IoT and big data, Numlabs can offer solutions that allow you to integrate, collect, store, analyze in real time and then visualize data and alert you to threats, not only within a single hall or plant, but share knowledge across the enterprise. Early detection of failures, analysis of plant and employee performance is within reach of a single screen at home.

Predictive maintenance and monitoring


Intelligent factory - analytical module we implemented was part of a larger project. The aim was to develop an expert system that could supervise a glass foundry processing chain. The task set for Numlabs was to develop a predictive system for evaluating the degradation of mould forms used for the manufacture of glass products.

Thanks to our original models and integration with other elements of the project, we managed to reduce downtime, costs related to service and production of damaged parts by 5 percent. A side effect of our work was the development of a guide indicating the sensitive types of shapes influencing wear.

Industrial Research


We understand perfectly well the proactive approach in planning new investments. Unconsidered purchase of machines, rebuilding of lines or ill-planned experiment are potentially huge costs that may affect the condition of the company. With our consulting, advisory, and planning and conducting experiments together with your engineers we are able to create a harmonious multidisciplinary team.

A group of experts


Numlabs is not a typical IT company. We understand that the ultimate goal is to create a solution that meets customer expectations. The key elements are a common language and understanding of business needs. Our company is committed to having the competence to understand them. Our team includes people who are both theoretically prepared to work as industrial automation specialists as well as IT specialists who create and integrate solutions directly on the factory floor. Thanks to this we are able to combine the world of industry standing on the ground with algorithms operating in the cloud.