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Dedicated team of analysts, programmers and engineers ready to optimize your business.

About the company

Numlabs came to life as an outcome of our passion to solving complex problems. As more companies understand the need of collecting data, only few use it to the extent and draw real business conclusions. Our mission is to change that. There is no place for guessing on the nowadays markets.

We strongly believe in scrum methodology, which not only allows us to frequently verify the solutions with the client, but also allows us to work in a loose-coupled manner. Each work period (sprint) ends up in a demo, which allows the client to track our progress on achieving their goal.

At Numlabs, our team consists of experts with background in various domains, such as finances, marketing intelligence or manufacturing automation. In spite of our domains different characteristics, we all "speak" the same data science language, making the skills complementary to each other.

Behind the scenes all our team members share similar sport passion, making us ambitious, dedicated to the goal and understanding the importance of regular work and continuous improvement. It also helps to keep your head sane, and induces a lot of creativity useful in solving business problems!