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We help startups and enterprises innovate with AI


Innovation is at the heart of startup methodology, disruptive business models and an engine of growth of nowadays business. In past few years, AI became a synonyme for innovation. At Numlabs we don't use AI as a "buzzword", we are AI practitioners.

With the help of AI technologies such as deep learning for computer vision or natural language processing we collaborate with companies to create products with a breakthrough impact on their business.

Research and development for MedTech


"Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have the potential to transform health care by deriving new and important insights from the vast amount of data generated." as recently announced FDA.

With enough domain knowledge and proper data quality, computer vision algorithms can help with screening diagnostics for medical imagery, NLP algorithms can help identify unwanted symptoms or create chatbots for streamlining preliminary medical assessment in various cases.

Research and development for fashion and beauty


Deep learning combined with computer vision allows to create algorithms that analyse style in visual content, forecast new trends and help to design new apparel.

In the field of analytics, visual merchandising and personal styling recommendation engines are most noticable examples of using most recent advances of AI and data science for fashion industry.

Research and development for smart cities


Most notable example of Big Data is it's application for smart cities. For many years, realtime analysis of traffic, public communication or air quality has been unavailable. With enought computing power and proper machine learning algorithms, the situation has changed.

At Numlabs, we combine knowledge of big data technologies, as Hadoop, Kafka or Spark with GIS data and proprietary computer vision algorithms for powering smart city solutions like modelling passenger flows, intelligent parking management or realtime response to changes in traffic.

Research and development for MarTech and AdTech


Digital marketing and e-commerce has already become dominated by AI solutions, with programmatic Ad serving, high content personalisation and precise analytics.

Being a highly data driven field, it provides an opportunity to easily test innovative solutions. Combining it with additional added value of analysing visual content by computer vision algorithms or modeling textual data with natural language processing brings new exciting possibilities.