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Predictive analytics and forecasting


Machine Learning and statistical models for anomaly detection, forecasting and pattern recognition in time domain.

Data Science Services tailored for your needs


Numlabs cover all steps in a data analytics pipeline:

  • Data extraction (from structured sources like databases, or unstructured like written reports)
  • Manipulation and storage (building data lakes, processing streams)
  • Advanced analytics (using neural networks, autoencoders, and well established statistical methods)
  • Dashboards and reporting (with R shiny, Plotly, D3.js and more)

Forecasting and trend prediction


To make data-driven decisions it is not enough to collect an abundance of information. It is about drawing proper conclusions in a timely manner. It is easy with help of AI.

Our data scientists with a help of proprietary algorithms help to forecast future sales, adapt marketing efforts to proper audience and instantaneously react to detected anomalies.

Financial data analytics


Your sales, expenses or revenue numbers all follow patterns that can be directly forecasted, basing on past events.

Using algorithms (such as ANOVA, GARCH, ARIMA or LSTM Neural Networks) that help with this task, your company operations will never be affected by wild guess of the managers, but rather hard evidence, that could be found in numbers.

Anomaly detection


Detecting atypical patterns is one of the AI domains. We teach the neural networks about "normal behaviour", so anything that is suspected to being an outlier, could be reported and taken care of. We use novel deep learning architectures of denoising auto-encoders for this tasks, that outperform standard, stochastic methods.

Anomaly detection can be useful in:

  • Fraud detection (in ecommerce purchases, SaaS platform usage)
  • Failure detection (of industry production line, software pipeline, data feed)
  • Trends discovery (atypical demand for certain products, exceptionally low performance of marketing campaign, etc)