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Administration and Backoffice


Automate tedious backoffice tasks.
Process documents and mail with AI.

AI empowered Document Management System


We offer enhanced Document Management System that semantically indexes the content of uploaded documents, enabling to achieve entensible search possibilities, in a cloud-native enrivonment, with a speed of Elasticsearch.

Combining OCR, heuristic algorithms, topic modeling, with information and data generated by your business, we can automate document processing schemes, inventory management or other business processes.

Conversational AI for Customer Care / Support


With our solution, your customers and employees get accurate and quick answers. Employing Artificial Intelligence for this task takes it way further than simple "if-then" logic. Incorporating natural language processing and intent recognition to make human-to-machine conversations more like human-to-human ones. Result is increased customer engagement, continued trust and reliability in your business, also automation of most tedious tasks.

Alternative option is a hybrid support center, where about 50% of issues are solved with the help of AI, with human assistance for more demanding and unclear situations. Best of both worlds - automation of repetitive task, with special care where it is needed.

Intelligent data integration


Many companies in the middle of their digital transformation struggle with format compatibility issues when importing and exporting data. Excel spreadsheets combined with proprietary software for specific industries make it awkward and tiresome to integrate.

To help out with this family of issues, we develop AI enhanced import and integration system. It's main capabilities are SQL like data wrangling, address validation and correction, data type guessing, standardisation and conversion, creating a compatibility bridge for automation, reporting and data analytics.