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Sales and Marketing


Use our AI models to amplify sales.
Analyse marketing campaings and cut the cost.

Customer Data Platform


Imagine accessing all your customers data, already preprocessed and ready for usage as: personalization (for marketing, communication, support), content customization (based on language, location, demographics or similarity to other customer groups), dynamic pricing (behaviour based or location based) and more.

Unified customer database, integrating information and profiles extracted from various sources (behaviour analytics, app analytics, social media pixels/tags), loaded into one centralised service that is accessible to other systems, that allows creating profiles and addressing all personalisation-related issues with the use of API.

Sales funnel optimisation


Analyse each step of sales funnel, from lead acquisition, through follow-up process, deal closing and retention.

We use natual language processing and our Semantic AI to understand sales related conversation and drive growth. Insight based on both frequency + volume of comunication, and semantic content of natural language to understand the flow of conversation, can help identifying promising prospects and focusing on those deals, which are more likely being closed.

For recurring revenue (as SaaS companies), we deliver customer value models and churn prediction, which are focused on keeping your users attracted to your product and identifying the factors that affect retention.

Recommendation Engine


Product recommendations decrease bounce rate, increate basket size, engage more returning customers and could bring up to 35 % increase of sales value.

We propose hybrid recommendation engine, which provide accurate suggestions, based not on one insight source, but on a balanced mixture of: demographic data, trending items, basket correlation, visual similarity, returning customers preferences. Thanks to AI technology of reinforcement learning our engine addapts very fast to changing environment to always provide accurate recommendations.

Marketing optimisation + SEO


Combining data from various sources as visitors analytics (Google Analytics, Matomo), social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), behavior analytics and search engine statistics, we provide deep insight into proper audience targetting, remarketing efforts and increase CTR and conversion rates.

With help of Computer Vision and deep learning methods, we can understand influence of visual content on conversion. Combining neural networks with well established statistical models we achieve good and robust results.