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Natural Language Processing


Amplify your text understanding with AI.
Automatically match inquires, classify invoices and more...

Understand your customers with Semantic AI


Take your customer support to the next level. Not only understand the intent of your customers requests and messages, but address their issues and answer them in a fully automated, yet personalized manner. Our Semantic AI algorithm is a dedicated solution for customer support centers.

It combines various natural language processing techniques as intent recognition, named entity recognition, vector embeddings and knowledge graphs into one, expert ecosystem.

Cut down on time spent copy-pasting responses to FAQs, sort customer queries by priority and request type, and automate menial, time consuming tasks, such as customer address changes.

Opinion Mining


Branding and other marketing efforts can be much more efficient when the users' engagement and feedback are analysed numerically. Effects of marketing campaigns are much easier to track, when you can measure the sentiment of comments and other reactions.

Moreover, tracking your competition's opinion metrics can result in meaningful insights. On a dynamic market being able to react immediately is a value that cannot be overestimated.

AI empowered Document Management System


We offer enhanced Document Management System that semantically indexes the content of uploaded documents, enabling to achieve entensible search possibilities, in a cloud-native enrivonment, with a speed of Elasticsearch.

Combining OCR, heuristic algorithms, topic modeling, with information and data generated by your business, we can automate document processing schemes, inventory management or other business processes.