We have collected the 7 most common questions about our training courses answered by Karol.

1. What Machine Learning knowledge do I need to have before starting training? Is specific work experience related to AI required?

We do not offer boot camps or "zero to ML developer" training. Our offer is aimed at people working in the Machine Learning industry: technical people - developers and DevOps, as well as managers who want to develop their skills with issues related to data analysis, machine learning, deep learning, or MLOps and gain practical knowledge of project management in the field of AI. 

2. What is included in the training? Will there be a practical approach to the topic in addition to theory?  

As Kurt Lewin said, "There is nothing more practical than a good theory." We emphasize both building a skeleton of theoretical knowledge, and - as part of the workshop - we show how to implement the acquired knowledge using commercial and popular tools in the ML world.  

3. How long does such training last?

We are not a training company offering a set of ready-made products. Why? First of all, we are a software house, and the training business is an add-on that we carry out for clients while working on projects. At Numlabs, we value quality and an individual approach to each project above all else. Secondly, our offer is aimed at people with experience, working in a specific industry, on specific projects, or struggling with specific problems. For this reason, the duration depends on the scope, which we determine together during the consultation. 

4. Will I get a confirmation in the form of a certificate or diploma after completing the training?

We assume that you came for knowledge and skills, not a badge. We are not a university, nor are we the creator or owner of the technology we train in. Nor do we do training en masse and in a "boxed" fashion. For these reasons, we do not claim the right to issue certificates, and it is certainly not an integral part of training. On the other hand, at your request, we will print you a diploma confirming that you have completed the training.

5. Will I still have access to the training materials after completing the training?

Yes, training materials are made available for unlimited personal use by trainees. We do not provide recordings of online classes.

6. How do I convince my bosses to organize such training at my company?

  • Employee Retention - IT is a place where job changes are frequent, and people are there not only for money but also for growth. It is worth providing, and Machine Learning is certainly an interesting topic.

  • AI - whether we accept it or not - will find its way to your company or, worse, to your competitors. It's better to build competence now than to chase those who have thought ahead.

  • The cost of hiring a specialist is very high, and due to the huge demand, many people who lack knowledge enter the industry. It is better to train your own proven employee who wants to change his career profile and already knows the company's processes.

  • The first AI project is, for those with no prior knowledge, a minefield, both in terms of technology and management. It is more advantageous to prepare for it than to put out fires without realizing the alarming red flags.

  • Data Scientists "from the roundup" will make models and implement "something", but in the long run, there will be huge problems in maintaining the poorly implemented code and infrastructure put in place. A young team without an experienced leader needs help in establishing processes and tools that will civilize the work. Instead of reinventing the wheel, forces can be allocated to other issues in the company.

7. I'm interested! How to sign up for the course?

We do not provide cyclical training courses where you will fall into a looped presentation that was last updated a year ago. At Numlabs, we provide individual analyses of each case.
Call us at +48 664 053 835, or email us at: office@numlabs.com. We will get back to you and guide you through the next steps.

Relax! The fact that you write or call us is not binding. We do not sell photovoltaics, we may even tell you that we are not the company you are looking for and help you find a better option.