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Investio - Technical Analysis tool



Investio Sp z o.o. (LTD) - Biggest polish FOREX market educational service, along with itā€™s spin-off product - - ļ¬nancial market alerting and recommendation system.



Create a new algorithm for Technical Analysis, basing on support/resistance detection for FOREX and stock trading. Algorithm needs to maintain instant response time, and be working on various time resolutions of ļ¬nancial data.

Our solution


After investigating various approaches and heavy prototyping, we decided to write the application in C++ to provide the required performance and minimize delay of processing vast amounts of stock market and forex transactions data.
The project combined various ļ¬elds of expertise - proļ¬ciency in data analytics and statistical knowledge, building machine learning solutions and high performance computing.


15 employees

Katowice, PL

Working with specialists from Numlabs was a pleasure. The most important thing was a creative approach to both practical and scientiļ¬c parts of the problem. The effect is outstanding, our support and resistance zones are one of its kind in the world and provides an edge to our users.
-- Marcin Tuszkiewicz, CEO