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Createc - IT Consulting & SI for Technology Startup



Createc - The company mission is to connect business and science via implementing cutting edge ideas and research results in industry. Our projects mainly include preparing, running, managing, and doing research in R&D projects for heavy industry companies like: steelworks, glassworks and foundries. The projects are usually worth about 5-30M PLN (about 1-6M euro) and last 1-2 years. Moreover we conduct our own R&D projects in 3D printing and scanning for the foundry industry.



A technology startup firm partnered with Numlabs to provide IT consulting and SI services. The team is tasked with managing the preparation of the platform workflow, research, and implementation.

Our solution


Until this day, we prepared 6 R&D projects together, totaling more than 50M PLN (10M euro) and consulted the next few. Numlabs tasks were: analysis of business needs and environment, analysis of the state of the art based eg. on: research publications and industry news, preparation of comprehensive research plan adjusted to bigger multidisciplinary projects.
Moreover, preparation of cost, risk and timeline analysis for research plans -exhaustive consulting meetings with stakeholders and other R&D stuff about prepared R&D plans.


10 employees

Cracow, PL

Thanks to Numlabs' efforts, they have successfully executed the phases of the project plan on time. A hands on team, they have established multiple communication tools in providing progress updates and feedback. Their problem-solving skills and collaborative approach stood out in the workflow.
-- Michał Kwiatkowski, CTO