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Unit9 - AI assisted movie production



UNIT9 - A global, award-winning, multidisciplinary production company, specializing in creating innovative content using bleeding-edge technology. 2019 Production Company of the Year by AdAge, 2020 Tech Company Of The Year by campaign.



AI-supported advertisement creation, aiming to mimic various aspects of a certain director's style. Numlabs' task was to analyze his filmography and provide guidelines for the human writers, detect anomalies in the created script and assist previsualization by predicting camera parameters.

Our solution


Consulting, comments & discussions, development of validation methods and validating the data provided by the data extraction team.
A sizable & complete guidebook describing and drawing connections between fragments of filmography, taking into account diverse data, like camera's behavior, character emotions, dialogue rhythm, props and clustering them together into meaningful groups.
Realtime NLP script analysis for instant feedback during the scriptwriting phase: it flags phrases uncommon for the Director's work and suggests semantically similar corrections that were actually present in the original work.
A previsualization assistance tool that cuts the provided script into shots and gives a draft of per-shot camera parameters (long shot/close up, camera target, etc.) based on a model of the director's visual style.

Advertising, Film

200 employees

London, UK

Numlabs have joined our project at a relatively early stage and have proven to be a professional and trustworthy partner until the end. Despite the challenging nature of the task, they managed to communicate each challenge and collaboratively work on solutions with the wider team. We will certainly work together again.
-- Maciej Zasada, Technical Director, UNIT9