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Apriside - a SaaS company offering easy to use cloud-based Operations Management for oil rigs, covering all aspects of te process. Their clients include: Total, Ross Offshore, Repsol, DNO & Well-safe Solutions.



Create a AI-powered solution to enable knowledge transfer between projects and rigs. Customer wanted a hybrid solution of an accurate and near-realtime data processing of various events connected with project execution and computer-aided module for risk assessment.

Our solution


We built a stack of compatible neural networks to address this complex task:
1. NN-based classifiers for Natural Language Processing task to extract the semantic sense of task descriptions,
2. Recurrent Neural Networks to predict step sequence of the projects,
3. Statistical analysis for calculating uncertainty connected with the project timeline,
4. LSTM networks for enabling “memory” and predicting risks and dangers, basing on past events.
Connecting it all together in an efficient data-pipeline led to fast processing time which was client demand. Later, aggregated data serve as a base for computer-aided risk assessment.

Oil&Gas DK

20 employees

Copenhagen, DK

Numlabs helped us to save our customers a tremendous amount of planning and progress tracking time. Thanks to them, our users can quickly access information that allows them to make educated decisions and run cost-efficient and safe operations as never before.
-- Andrzej Kwiecień, CEO