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OilfieldOS - Invoice tracking with NLP



Apriside - a SaaS company offering easy to use cloud-based Operations Management for oil rigs, covering all aspects of te process. Their clients include: Total, Ross Offshore, Repsol, DNO & Well-safe Solutions.



Building an intelligent invoice tracking system for streamlining, automating and simplifying the document flow. Second goal is matching invoice content to other financial documents to enable fraud detection and helping with the controlling process.

Our solution


The invoice tracking system uses complex neural networks to extract data from scanned documents. It then matches the data with state information from the database. The matching process is rarely easy: naming isn't usually consistent, some entries are merged while others are split - the list goes on.
This is why AI is used to aid the user with this daunting, arduous and error-prone process. It is worth noting that a feedback mechanism exists allowing the user to train the model as they go, to provide better results in the future.
The solution is combining Computer Vision and OCR modules, NLP for semantic understanding and complex Heuristics for the matching process.


20 employees

Copenhagen, DK

Numlabs proved to us that thanks to their knowledge and experience, they can create solutions able to process a vast amount of data. The results of their work helped us strengthen our position on the market and impressed our customers.
-- Andrzej Kwiecień, CEO