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Blend Score - Ad Engagement Estimation



Blend Score Sp z.o.o. - Financial services company offering their clients various types of loans and money management solutions



Estimate new visitors to client website resulting from TV advertisements emissions, based on various factors. Help to optimise TV marketing efforts by forecasting best ROI for their campaigns.

Our solution


First step of the project required vast prototyping, all the necessary statistical tests, visualizations and correlations and reasoning was performed using R ecosystem.
The production solution was developed in Python, which streamlined all the data processing, from ETL, through normalization and feature engineering, to modelling and cross validation. Production-ready set of components were aligned in a CI/CD pipeline.
Entire system was dockerized to and uses REST API to communicate with other microservices.



Warsaw, PL

We are very satisfied with the services provided by Numlabs. Both - their expertise and promptness are of a very high standard. We plan to continue our collaboration in the future and extend it to other projects.
-- Tomasz Chmielewski, CEO