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Benefit from our cutting-edge machine learning models
for text processing, financial data analysis,
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Your private AI development team


Numlabs is a software company that deliver state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence solutions for business.

Knowing our clients' different needs, we propose tailor made solutions. Our expertise in machine learning and software architecture lets us build powerful and efficient applications and take your business to the new, data-driven level.

Specjalizujemy się w

Machine learning i AI


Jako software house, który specjalizuje się w wykorzystaniu AI, dostarczamy projekty end2end z wykorzystaniem najnowocześniejszych technologii.

Doradzamy naszym klientom, jak najlepiej dopasować ich potrzeby biznesowe do metod i technologii AI/ML.

Data science i analityka


Tworzymy algorytmy które płynnie potrafią pracować z danymi - przez ich automatyczną interpretację i właściwą predykcje.

Nasi klienci mogą cieszyć się z jeszcze szerszego zakresu możliwości analitycznych.

Data warehousing


Budujemy i utrzymujemy hurtownie danych i platformy do zarządzania danymi w przedsiębiorstwach.

Doradzamy jakie dane gromadzić i jak w pełni wykorzystać ich potencjał w analityce biznesowej.

Integrate Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning modules into your software


You are a specialist in what you do - both software and business. We are specialists in building machine learning models and data analytics pipelines. Together, we can make better software and let your business grow.

We create custom computer vision models, predictive AI models, pipelines for AI text processing. We deliver dockerized APIs to integrate with your applications or deploy them on the cloud for fast scaling.

Podejmuj decyzje opierając się na danych


The role of a tech partner is to connect the world of science and the world of business. To achieve this demanding goal, our data scientists and AI developers work closely with our clients, sharing their knowledge and understanding their needs.

We work in small batches, or iterations, delivering business value and useful insights with every phase. Not only helps it with controlling the cost, but also allows to reach the goal earlier and take advantage of value created at each iteration.

Introductory meeting
and project briefing


Share your challenges and project details with us during a exploratory call and receive our recommendations on how to proceed.

We will help you test your assumptions and challenge your idea. Afterward you will receive a report with a solid plan to achieve your product success.

Feasibility study
/ Proof of concept


Build a proof of concept to verify your idea

  • Determine technical feasibility
  • Validate product concept
  • Present prototype to investors

Iterative Development
in an agile methodology


Arranging the development process which includes daily standups, sprint & backlog planning, and retrospectives to develop new product features during 2-4 weeks and test them with your end users right away.

embedded or cloud


We seamlessly integrate the results with your infrastructuve in a form of a cloud service.

If the project involves brick-and-mortar measurements we offer embedded devices with minified AI-supercomputer.

Building an internal team is expensive and time-consuming

It can cost over $30k and takes 42 days on average to hire one developer Apart from the time and money aspect, you are facing rigid competition in the tech talent pool – competing with tech giants such as Google and Facebook.

Outsourcing tech is a high-risk commitment

Traditional outsourcing companies often focus on delivering tasks rather than commit to product success. It may be difficult to iterate and change the scope of the project – and the average cost of custom product development is $250k.
1-3x Project Briefing Typically: 2-3 hours Feasibility study Typically 1-2 weeks Iterative Development 2-5 months in short sprints Cloud Deployment on cloud Embedded Built into a device

We help our clients implement AI-driven solutions and, as a result, boost their business

Our team of experts likes challenges. Each project is a new adventure, and we make our best to provide a customized solution that will effectively serve our clients for many years. We believe that smooth communication, creative mindset, and honest engagement in work are the key to success.


Wykonane projekty


Engineers on board


Created Algorithms


Technologies mastered


Lines of code

Numlabs proved to us that thanks to their knowledge and experience, they can create solutions able to process a vast amount of data. The results of their work helped us strengthen our position on the market and impressed our customers.

— Andrzej Kwiecień, CEO
Apriside ApS

Numlabs have joined our project at a relatively early stage and have proven to be a professional and trustworthy partner until the end. Despite the challenging nature of the task, they managed to communicate each challenge and collaboratively work on solutions with the wider team.

— Maciej Zasada, Technical Director

Working with specialists from Numlabs was a pleasure. The most important thing was creative approach to both practical and scientific parts of the problem. The effect is outstanding, our algorithms are one of its kind in the world and provide an edge to our users.

— Marcin Tuszkiewicz, CEO
Investio Sp. z o.o.

We ensure data security


Numerous companies have entrusted Numlabs with their sensitive data (including: intelectual property, clients and market data, domain knowledge, and more).

Our infrastructure uses a combination of strong cryptography (both for at-rest and in-transit data), proven and up-to-date software, network separation, attack surface minimization and other best practices.