Rapid growth of computer speed has led to the situation where face detection is a hot topic, giving industries new quality to monitor and automatise work. This leads to companies’ huge advantage over other, not implementing computer vision ones. Starting from detecting hazardous situations for increasing safety, through automatic anomaly detection on production lines, to abstract topics such as detecting whether a person is happy or angry in real time. In Numlabs we perfectly know how important is Artificial Intelligence usage in your company. That’s why we would like to present you several practical use-cases of the last technology - face and emotion detection.

This technology apart from being intelligent is useless until practical applications. 

But how can your company exceed others by using that technology?

Access verification

In every company storing valuable stuff or information, there are several areas where only verified people should have access.  While magnetic cards is one solution of checking privileges, it works only on entrance, so once an intruder break the security, access all private information, which is highly inadvisable. To increase security your company can introduce our face recognition system, which would on the fly analyse who is at the moment at special area and rise alarm in case of intruder. 

Clients’ satisfaction

Suppose you are developing your company which is selling products or services directly to customer. You would like to judge not only based on words but also on emotions, how well your product satisfy client’s needs. Thanks to that technology you would be able to tell if your product follows trends and in what particular moment client have lost his interest. 

Age and gender detection

It is know that youth world is ruled by other rules than adult world. If you sell for a wide spectrum of customers, for instance in a mall or drugstore, you would like your customer to be proposed  best fit product. That is where age and gender recognition could be implemented. You would suppose totally different product for a 20 year old woman than for a 50 year old gentleman. 

Driver’s tiredness detection

Suppose you have a logistic or spedition company and employ numerous professional drivers. The worst scenario to occur is a car accident that could be caused by tiredness and hence distraction. To increase workers and traffic users safety, it is highly indicated to set up a system capable of tracking workers exhaustment, what Numlabs can offer. Based on characteristic mimic movements system raise a sound  alarm and warn driver to take a immediate rest. What is more, we can increase algorithm performance by training it on your drivers exhausted and fresh photos from the road. 

To sum up

Based on examples, we presented only a few examples from wide range of possible face recognition application. This technology would be handy in security, marketing and help in client’s satisfaction revognition. Furthermore in Numlabs all cases are taken into consideration separately and we try to predict how to optimize your business.